Our Service



・Research and consulting services related to investment projects
・Sales of investment information content related to asset management and formation
・Seminar business related to asset management
・Real estate business
・Business for disseminating information on asset management
・Business to promote global projects

The company introduces land and properties with high yields and rising land prices to individual investors and business managers, and provides high-quality investment projects and knowhow from Japan and abroad, helping not only the wealthy but also the general public to create a free and affluent life as investors.

The company is mainly engaged in “research and consulting services related to investment projects,” “sales of investment information content related to asset management and formation,” and “seminars related to asset management,” carefully selecting and introducing valuable investment products that continue to generate stable profits from among the investment products that exist in the world.

By keeping providing useful information, we will keep making investments more accessible to everyone and provide an environment where people can manage their assets with peace of mind even in this century of change.


・Import and wholesale sales of natural stones
・Retail sales in stores or at exhibitions and sales fairs
・Planning, manufacturing, and import/export of accessories
・Online Shopping Business
・E-commerce business

We carefully select natural stones from all over the world through our own connections, and develop products that combine special technical processing that makes the most of the value of the material, excellent efficacy, and design, and deliver them as accessories to our customers.

We handle only genuine materials, and research products with new standard and value that break away from conventional values on a daily basis. In order to help as many people as possible to realize their ideal life, who they want to be, and the dreams they want to achieve, we will continue to provide only products that we are confident, and will bring value to our customers.


・Sales of investment education contents
・Investment education business
・Sales and development of investment systems

We are a company that aims to spread investment development in Taiwan by providing investment education support to individual traders and investors.

In order to lead as many people as possible from traders to investors to wealthy individuals, we provide high quality investment contents and use social networking services such as Facebook, Youtube, and Line to quickly inform our customers about the world situation and the latest investment information.

We will keep on providing correct investment education and knowledge to support the creation of a life where everyone can feel peace of mind and freedom through trading and realize what they truly want to do.